Corporates are embracing innovation and are open for collaboration knowing fully well that technology disruption can come from anywhere. As we head towards the Connected everything, Intelligence everywhere, Access anywhere (C I A) world, no industry is untouched by technology. To be relevant in the next 10 years, Corporates need to assimilate, both internal and external, innovation and embrace the digital revolution like never before.

As connected cars, connected homes, and connected everything is becoming the norm, SEU-IN is a place where Corporates can take full advantage of connecting and collaborating with peers and other stakeholders in the pan-European and Indian startup ecosystems.

Whilst we are focused on ICT, particular disruptions and evolutions happening in the intersection of ICT with other industries - Finance (Fintech, including block chain tech), Cyber Security, Intelligence (Machine, Artificial, Big Data), Education (Edtech), Agriculture (Agritech), Smart Cities, Healthcare (Health tech), Automotive tech, Waste Management, and Government and Business Tech are of particular interest.

We invite qualified corporates, who are actively engaged in collaboration and investment activities from both Europe and India to join SEU-IN. Apply to discuss the benefits of becoming a Sponsor,Partner, or Member.