What is Startup Europe India Network (SEINET)? Startup Europe India Network (SEINET) is a high-caliber network connecting the European and Indian Startup ecosystems for catalyzing growth and investments. Whilst Europe has one of the leading startup ecosystems in the world, India has one of the fastest emerging startup ecosystems – great dynamism to bring together.
Why SEINET?European is the second largest Startup ecosystem, whereas the Indian Startup ecosystem is quite dynamic. There are lots to share, grow, invest and collaborate and not enough of those are happening between European and India. We are attempting to unlock the untapped potential through SEINET.
What is the mission and vision?Our mission is to be the meeting point for relevant stakeholders of Europe and Indian Startup Ecosystems so that growth, and investment and business opportunities can be increased. Our vision is to be the go-to place for all things startup in the intersection of the European and Indian startup ecosystems.

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What does SEINET look for in the Stakeholders and People SEINET works with?
  • Quality: We would like to work with people, and stakeholders who are high quality change makers with a positive market reputation.
  • European/India focus: For those from the European ecosystem, we ask what’s your Indian angle, and for those from the Indian ecosystem, we ask for what’s your European angle.
  • Openness for collaboration: Growth and funding opportunities can be ideally taken advantage of, only when there is openness for collaboration.
Who are your target stakeholders? We are mainly working with the following stakeholders: Startups & Scaleups, Investors (Venture Capital, Family Office, Business Angels etc.), Corporates, Innovation Agencies / Public Initiatives, Incubators / Accelerators, Universities. We also partner with the media, relevant conferences and other supporters.
What are the relevant Sectors for SEINET?We are focused on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), particular disruptions and evolutions happening in the intersection of ICT with other industries - Finance (Fintech, including block chain tech), Cyber Security, Intelligence (Machine, Artificial, Big Data), Education (Edtech), Agriculture (Agritech), Smart Cities, Healthcare (Health tech), Automotive tech, Waste Management, and Government and Business Tech are of particular interest.
How can I become a Member of SEINET? Please Contact us and leave your contact information and details to let us know of your interest. We are launching SEINET in stages and we will be adding members to the Network soon.
What are the benefits of becoming a member? The members will have access to the SEINET network, which would include the following (to be offered in stages):
  • Meeting with our stakeholders (Corporates, VCs, Investors, Startups, Scale-ups, Entrepreneurs, Universities and more).
  • Access to the SEINET Ambassador Network (SAN). See more about it here
  • Relevant knowledge and information exchange with peer-to-peer and other contacts.
  • Participation in events focused on the Startup Ecosystems, both local and cross-borders.
  • High-level engagement with members of government agencies, executives, successful entrepreneurs and others.
  • Grassroots support through connection with incubators, accelerators, development agencies and others.
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How can I sign-up my organization as Partner to SEINET? Please contact us giving your contact information and details so we can reach out to you to discuss the possibility of a partnership.
What types of Partnerships are available? (Sponsor and others)Sponsors and Partners: We are building a lean and focused organization. Sponsors and Partners provide us with funding, and other local and nation-wide support and work with us in a mutually beneficial way to make SEINET a success. Contact us to discuss more.
How can I become a Sponsor? Please contact us with your contact information and details so we can reach out to for an open discussion.
What is the SEINET Ambassador Network (SAN)?SEINET Ambassadors are high-energy people who are already embedded in their local startup ecosystem. They act as SEINET’s local point of contact; have a responsibility for promoting and engaging SEINET through events and other activities. This is unpaid and our Ambassadors do it for their network and to be plugged-in to the ecosystem.
We are signing up some great people.
How can I become an Ambassador of SEINET? Please contact us with your contact info, let us know who you are and why you’re interested. We look for outgoing, open people with a strong sense of commitment. A good cultural fit is a must.
How can I be part of SEINET? Becoming a Sponsor, Partner or Member.You can be part of SEINET by:
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How can I signup to the NewsLetter? You can signup to the Newsletter here.
How can I get in touch with you? Please go to contact us and leave us your comments and contact details.