Francois Doux


Xood Project
SEU-IN Ambassador, Paris, France

Francois is our SEU-IN Ambassador in Paris, France.

Francois operates at the intersection between corporate, startup, influencers and French talents. With XOOD Project, he is a consultant in marketing of innovation, accelerating the adoption of new products & services by dedicated targets.

His knowledge of the corporate ecosystem comes from his journalistic years, covering business affairs for Bloomberg TV, Le Figaro & RTL radio. Francois is involved in the French startup scene through his advisor position at Creative Valley and IncubAlliance incubator, located on the Saclay area (aka the French Silicon Valley). He has been dealing with influencers since his experience at Ogilvy Paris, where he was the content director. Regarding talents, he teaches "Networking & Personal Branding" seminars for corporate executives and at HEC Paris business school. He is in charge of the "Marketing of Innovation" elective at the HEC Paris MBA, where Indian students have a significant participation.

Francois Doux masters "Personal Branding" since LinkedIn ranked him #1 of Top10 Most Engaged Marketer in France (2014) on its social network. Last, Fran├žois is active in two powerful networks: he is responsible for the "Media & Innovation conferences" of the G9+ Think Tank, and he is the actual President of HEC Paris alumni Marketing club.

As a SEU-IN Ambassador, Francois is our local point of contact in Paris and is squarely focused on helping SEU-IN delivering its objectives of efficient collaboration, and value creation. Having lived in the UK, traveled to India and covered for the press SXSW, VIvaTechnology and C2 Montreal, Francois has gathered diverse international business intelligence channels which can support our organization.