Inga Miliauskiene

Vice-Chairman Supervisory Board

SEU-IN Ambassador, Vilnius - Lithuania

Inga is our SEU-IN Ambassador in Lithuania. She brings several years of experience in supporting the Venture Capital and Private Equity sectors in Lithuania and over nine years’ experience in the financial sector in both Lithuania and the United Kingdom.

Currently, as Managing Director of the LT VCA, she has a key role representing the industry in Lithuania at the highest levels of business and government as well as helping to establish, support and promote the platform where the relevant market players collaborate to improve financing of the economy for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), promoting economic growth and entrepreneurial spirit in the country.

She started her career at Richard Davies Investor Relations (RD:IR) in London in the Analytics team and she has worked in J.P. Morgan Europe Limited as a Money Market Analyst. Upon her return to Lithuania, she was invited to work at the Lithuanian government at the Ministry of Economics, supporting the improvement of the access to EU Structural Funds and other financing to as many SMEs in the country as possible.

Inga has been teaching Macroeconomics and Managerial Economics at ISM University of Management and Economics and SSE Riga University. Inga has a Masters in International Business Economics from Middlesex University in London and has two scientific publications.

As a SEU-IN Ambassador, Inga is a local point of contact in Lithuania and is squarely focused on helping SEU-IN delivering its objectives of efficient collaboration, and value creation.