Business Angels, Venture Capital/Private Equity, Family Offices, and Corporate investors focused on Europe or India are in our current scope.

According to the data collected by the Europe based global investment firm Atomico, unicorns (billion dollar companies) come from all over, and Startups have taken the same amount of time to become a billion-dollar company, regardless of where they are built.

SEU-IN offers the possibilities to get exposed to investment opportunities in both Europe and in India. Investment opportunities can be tapped into, not only through the Startups, and Scaleups that are directly part of SEU-IN, but also through collaborating among the investor and corporate community to share deal flow. Being embedded in the ecosystem makes sure that you do not miss out on opportunities.

Knowledge is critical in the investment business. Through our events, information and knowledge exchange forums, we create possibilities for knowledge gathering that can serve critical purpose in your investment decision making. We also enable high quality relationships.

We invite qualified investors, who are actively investing and have an established market reputation. Apply to discuss the benefits and become a Sponsor,Partner, or Member.