Kristiina Vassilkova

Managing Director

Estonian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association
SEU-IN Ambassador, Tallin - Estonia

Kristiina is our SEU-IN Ambassador in Estonia. An acting Managing Director of the Estonian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association and member at the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA), Kristiina has a number of years of experience in Venture Capital and in the Startup ecosystem.

She is a co-founder and partner at Estelon, a global high-end speaker brand in pursuit to achieve complete aesthetic and acoustic perfection through the fusing of high art and cutting edge science.

She has also participated in the structuring of the Baltic Innovation Fund, a EUR 100m Private Equity & Venture Capital Fund of Funds to boost equity investments into Baltic SME-s through PE&VC funds.

Kristiina’s background is in the financial sector dealing with equity sales and trading for Institutional clients. She holds a MA from HULT International Business School, London.

As a SEU-IN Ambassador, Kristiina is a local point of contact in the Estonia and is squarely focused on helping SEU-IN delivering its objectives of efficient collaboration, and value creation.