Experts and change-makers

Sourindra Banerjee

Assistant Professor, Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom

Saurabh Chandra

Engineering Leader, Amazon, India

Manoj Dawane

Founder, VTION, and ex-VP and Head India Business, Ericsson

Subhayu Chakraborty

Entrepreneur in Residence, Startup Europe India Network, India

Praveen ’’Vin’’ Lingathoti

Regional Head, Cisco Invetsments, Europe

Sandana Kichenane

Business Applications, Microsoft Corporation, France

Patrizia Luchetta

Strategic Adviser & Independent Director, Luxembourg

Venkata Gandikota

Founder and President, The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society, Finland

Massimiliano D’Amico

Owner at BE-COME, Italy

Lluc Diaz

Coordinator​,​ Technology Transfer Network, E​uropean ​S​pace ​A​gency

Cornelius Fischer

Associate Legal Officer, United Nations, Switzerland

Nafissa Goupil

CEO-Founder, Decisions Durables

Alexander Horvath

Vice President, Indian Chamber of Commerce and Culture, Slovakia

Marc Jackson

Managing Director, Founder Seahorn Capital Group, USA

Rohit Krishnan

Vice President, Eight Roads Ventures, UK

Nityen Lal

General Partner, CEO, Icos Capital, Netherlands

Liza Mamtani

Partner, Van Campen Liem, Netherlands

Marcello Mari

Journalist, London

Bernard Moon

Co-founder & Partner, SparkLabs Global Ventures

Laurent Perier

Semiconductor Industry, France

Greg Pietras

Head of Telco Cloud Business Development - Nokia, North America

Jaideep Prabhu

Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Business and Enterprise, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Ashish Puri

Investment Partner, TempoCap, UK

Kunal Sachdeva

Global Digital Industry Advisor, Microsoft, Germany

Aditi Sharma

Founder-Principal, CAPLEX Advisers India

Dr. Thomas Zwissler

Partner, ZIRNGIBL, Munich, Germany