Startups & Scaleups

Startups (early-stage) and Scaleups (expansion-stage) in ICT and the intersection of ICT with other industries, focused on Europe or India, are in our current scope. We particularly are interested in companies focused on Finance (Fintech, including block chain tech), Cyber Security, Intelligence (Machine, Artificial, Big Data), Education (Edtech), Agriculture (Agritech), Smart Cities, Automotive tech, Healthcare (Health tech), Waste Management, and Government and Business Tech. We like B2B and B2C business models with a strong tech component, and are ripe for expansion.

The benefits of being part of SEU-IN include the exposure to great people, knowledge exchange possibilities, a network of contacts with other startups and scaleups, corporate, the investor community and other stakeholders’ who are open for collaboration for growth possibilities, partnerships, or investments.

If you’re a European company, you are looking at a large and dynamic Indian market, which is considered one of the fastest growing startup ecosystems. If you’re an Indian company, you’re looking at a market and an economy that have a strong expertise in technology building that has given the world technologies such as GSM, Linux and more.

We only work with qualified startups that have gone to market with their product and have launched commercial operations. Also the startups must have strong interest in being engaged within SEU-IN, taking full advantage of the network, and interacting with their peer group and other members within the ecosystems.

We are building several benefits for members. Apply to us to become a Sponsor,Partner, or Member. and we will get back in touch.