Universities play a critical role in not only providing great talent to the ecosystem but also in channelling research and education towards entrepreneurship. Europe and Indian Universities are embracing entrepreneurship in a big way.

Reputed universities with a strong entrepreneurship focus are in our scope. Reputed Universities such as Cambridge University, TU Berlin, TU Munich, Imperial College, Ecole Polytechnique, Stockholm School of Economics and the Indian Universities such as the famed IITs, ISB and IIMs are important for continued dynamism in the startup ecosystem. Talent is one of the most critical components of the future of the tech ecosystem, and edtech is paving the way for sustained talent that is adaptable.

Universities are increasingly open for tight collaboration with businesses, and across different faculties within themselves and among other Universities. SEU-IN provides a platform for Universities to embed themselves in the ecosystem among startups, investors, corporates and other key stakeholders. Getting exposure to what goes on outside of their classrooms and using it to create important studies and data to share knowledge to other stakeholders.

Whilst we are focused on ICT, particular disruptions and evolutions happening in the intersection of ICT with other industries - Finance (Fintech, including block chain tech), Cyber Security, Intelligence (Machine, Artificial, Big Data), Education (Edtech), Agriculture (Agritech), Healthcare (Health tech), Automotive tech, Smart Cities, Waste Management, and Government and Business Tech - are of particular interest.

We invite qualified Universities, who are actively engaged in collaboration activities in the entrepreneurship and innovation activities from both Europe and India to join SEU-IN. Apply to discuss the benefits of becoming a Sponsor,Partner, or Member.