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Digital and impact
Innovation and investments

Game-changing innovation and investment opportunities can come from anywhere. We bring together entrepreneurs, capital and experts to create, scale and make a rapid positive impact.

Our experience, expertise, digital channels, and expert network reduce barriers and support scaling, fundraising and collaborating across markets.

Our Services

• Growth-hacking and fundraising.
• Innovation and investment sourcing.
• Strategy and investments consulting for funds & family offices.
• Recruitment of investment, executive & specialist talent.

Startup Europe India Network is not an investment adviser and does not advise on investments or security.

Our team is experienced committing over half-a-billion dollars in venture and growth capital funds, co-investments and direct investments.

We work with

Venture Capital
Family Offices
Public Initiatives

We collaborate with outstanding talent in investments, growth-hacking and technology.

We establish strong partnerships, collaborate digitally and embrace the future of work.

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Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
Cyber Security
Expert talent
Impact Investing
Venture capital
Future of Work
Enterprise tech

What people say

Andrus Ansip
Vice President, European Commission - Digital Single Market

"Congratulations to Startup Europe India Network (SEINET) for the very timely initiative. Startup Europe India Network (SEINET) is built by people who are in the business. It brings a much needed connection between the Digital Single Market initiative (DSM) and Startup Europe in Europe and Digital India, Startup India in India. SEINET's focus on connecting the European and Indian startup ecosystems will bring more opportunities for entrepreneurs, innovators, and investments throughout two exciting markets. I urge all to take full advantage of it."

Gunther H. Oettinger
Commissioner Digital Economy and Society - European Commission

"The Start up Europe India network provides a unique platform to work closely together with the fast growing Indian Startup ecosystem. It is an excellent initiative where innovators and investors can work together to create enormous benefits and make a great impact in the EU and Indian markets."

Tomasz Kozlowski
Ambassador of the European Union to India

"The launch of a "Startup Europe India Network" (SEINET), connecting the startup ecosystems of Europe and India, comes at a very good time. India and Europe are fast growing startup markets, and we see that Indian entrepreneurs are enormously talented and determined to make an impact in India and globally. As India has just launched a new Startup India initiative and the European Union supports the Startup Europe initiative, SEINET with its ambitious mission of bringing together key players and experts (startups, investors, corporates, public initiatives, etc.) from Europe and India to create and leverage opportunities between the thriving digital markets will play an important role. The Delegation of the European Union to India is therefore glad to support SEINET in the achievement of its goals."

T.V.Mohandas Pai
Chairman, Aarin Capital Partners

"The Startup Europe India Network is a wonderful initiative to link the startup ecosystems in both regions, bringing together an extraordinary group of innovators with the ability to influence global trends."

Uli Grabenwarter
Deputy Director - European Investment Fund

"SEINET is an excellent and timely initiative in the next frontier of globalizing the European ecosystem by extending it to one of the most exciting markets, India. The potential for the EU and Indian ecosystem to collaborate is enormous. The focus of SEINET on the key players and top people by bringing together an eclectic mix of innovators and investors under one platform is a smart next generation effort. Praveen, with his unique Indo-European experience in technology and investments, is the right person to lead this initiative."

Isidro Laso Ballesteros
Head of Startup Europe Sector - European Commission

"Uniting two startup global regions means more customers, more investments and more growth. The Startup Europe India initiative ambition is exponential. By unlocking the potential of the fastest growing tech businesses on both sides of the world, would mean more opportunities for every one of us."

Jaideep Prabhu
Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business & Enterprise - Director of the Centre for India & Global Business (CIGB)

"The Startup Europe India Network is an exciting and much-needed initiative. India is in the throes of a start-up revolution, driven by its large, fast growing economy and young entrepreneurial population. Equally, the European start-up scene is going from strength to strength with more money and support coming from governments, universities, venture capitalists and alternative sources of finance. Europe and India are already partners in many important economic initiatives. The SEINET will help extend this to the entrepreneurial space. I am delighted to be part of this process."

Dimmes Doornhein
Chairman, Cartagena-Capital - SEINET Ambassador, Netherlands

"Digital markets offer great opportunities but getting started in unknown territory is a high risk. SEINET provides immediate access to the right ecosystem and is the safety net for Indian and European start-up ecosystem players. As a SEINET Ambassador I am delighted to be part of this system and connect India start-ups to European opportunities and vice-versa."

Luigi Mercuri
Trade and Promotion Analyst - Italian Trade Agency - SEINET Ambassador, Germany

"It is time to approach innovative business cooperation on a transcontinental level with adequate new instruments. The growing interaction between major digital economies - such as Europe and India - consequently necessitates multidimensional information channels supported by reliable local experts in order to connect with multifaceted startup ecosystems, investors and state actors. The Startup Europe-India Network was conceived in the wake of those necessities, complexity and vision; SEINET therefore represents an agile, tailor made vessel to safely navigate between two of globalization's rising digital giants."

Maurice Beckand Verwee
Founder of Crosspring

"We believe there is a great untapped potential in the business relationship with India. SEINET is a strong network that provides the opportunity to tap into this potential."

connecting the European and Indian digital and impact investment markets


A platform to dive-into the European and Indian digital and impact innovation ecosystems.

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